We offer root canal therapy in NE Calgary to prevent unnecessary tooth extractions by painlessly removing infected material from the interior of a badly infected tooth, cleaning out that tooth, and sealing that tooth to prevent reinfection. Constant advances and training in modern dental technologies and techniques have rendered root canal therapy painless… whatever its reputation.

root canal therapy in NE Calgary

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Root canal therapy has an inaccurate reputation based on faded memories of dated technology. That reputation threatens to raise a barrier between patients and an incredibly successful and important dental procedure. Root canal therapy in NE Calgary, AB is a highly effective and pain-free way of eliminating the extreme pain that many patients suffer while living with a badly infected and decayed tooth. Your infected tooth and the surrounding gums are completely numbed during root canal therapy to remove the infected material. Removing that material instantly relieves the pressure, inflammation, and pain that the infection produced. Successful root canal therapy near you saves teeth from extraction while preserving full dental function once the treated tooth is topped off with a dental crown.

Many people who need root canal therapy do not experience any symptoms, meaning that regular dental checkups are essential so your dentist can spot the earliest possible signs of decay or infection. There is a cluster of common symptoms that can indicate the presence of serious tooth infection: pimple-like bumps on your gums; swelling and tenderness in the gums; severe tooth pain, especially when chewing; persistent sensitivity to heat and cold; and discolouration in the affected tooth.

During root canal therapy near you, your dentist opens your tooth and extracts the infected material from the interior of your tooth. Your dentist then cleans the inside of your tooth to ensure all infection material is removed and seals it to prevent reinfection. Once you have recovered and completed the root canal therapy, you’ll continue to have a full dental function. Your dentist and our staff will provide you with detailed after-care instructions to ensure your blood clot is preserved, and that your recovery is comfortable and as quick as possible. Later, once your tooth and gums have healed fully, we will select, and design a permanent restoration to cap your infection-free tooth.

Takeaways About Root Canal Therapy

  • Root canal therapy near you does not cause pain.
  • You may experience soreness and discomfort during your recovery from root canal therapy in NE Calgary, AB. There are simple strategies for managing that discomfort, including keeping your head elevated, using cold compresses, and taking over-the-counter pain medications.

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