Using the CEREC system, your dentist can provide you with custom-made crowns and dental bridges near you in a single visit. Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that can protect, support, and replace damaged, weakened, and missing teeth. Traditionally, being fit for and receiving bridges and dental crowns near you has required at least two appointments often separated by several weeks.

dental crown bridge in NE Calgary

Single Visit Dental Crowns and Bridges Near You

Dental crowns near you can be better options than large fillings where a lot of tooth structure has been lost, and ideal options to protect a weak tooth from fracturing. We offer dental crowns in NE Calgary that are also effective restorations for fractured teeth, surrounding and encasing a badly discoloured or misshapen tooth, completing a dental implant, anchoring a bridge, or reinforcing and protecting a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

It is very important to replace missing or lost teeth in some way. After teeth are lost or extracted, remaining natural teeth will gradually and naturally migrate toward the space left behind as if to fill it. This unintended and unnatural shifting can have negative effects on the alignment of your teeth and bite. We offer dental bridges near you that are anchored to healthy teeth on either side of a multi-tooth gap to hold replacement teeth called pontics in place. Dental bridges near you will not only restore your full dental function but will also prevent the consequences of the unintended shifting of your remaining teeth.

Until the development of the CEREC – CERamic REConstruction – process, it has traditionally taken at least two appointments to be fitted with crowns and bridges. That additional set of appointments, often separated by weeks while waiting for the crown or bridge to be manufactured, can be very inconvenient for patients who’ve already undergone extensive procedures and want to finish off their dental work.

Single-visit dental crowns and bridges in NE Calgary, AB are possible with the CEREC. With CEREC, we prepare bridges and crowns using digital 3D images and computer-aided design (CAD) to mill the crowns and bridges in our own office while you wait. The ceramic material we use blends naturally with your own teeth is highly plaque-resistant and is non-abrasive.

Key Points About Single Visit Dental Crowns and Bridges

  • The CEREC process enables your dentist to produce single-visit dental crowns and bridges in NE Calgary, AB.
  • Single-visit dental crowns and bridges near you are made precisely for your mouth based on 3D computer-aided design while you wait.