Dental Checkups Near You

Daily brushing and flossing, and annual teeth cleanings are essential. But there is a third pillar to maintaining your best dental health — dental checkups twice a year. We prioritize scheduling and service delivery during those regular check-ups because they enable proactive preventative care and early identification of any developing issues. We offer dental checkups in NE Calgary to help you achieve optimal oral health.

dental check-ups in NE Calgary

Dental Checkups Near You in NE Calgary

Regular dental checkups in NE Calgary, AB have three elements. Step one is a thorough cleaning of your mouth, gums, and teeth. We clean your teeth at every checkup for two reasons. Your dentist will have a clear look at your teeth and their actual condition, and routine cleaning reduces the risk of tooth decay between your annual deep cleanings. During the first cleaning stage of your dental checkup, we will remove plaque and tartar, floss, polish, and treat your teeth with fluoride.

Step two of your dental checkup will consist of a detailed examination of your mouth – teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and bite. The goal of this examination is to identify and respond – at the earliest possible opportunity – to dental issues ranging from cavities and cracks to damaged fillings, gum disease, potentially impacted wisdom teeth, alignment issues, and signs of oral cancer.

Finally, the third essential step of regular dental checkups near you is a chance to discuss any symptoms affecting your mouth, jaw, neck, or head. There are a wide variety of symptoms and medical conditions that can involve your teeth and mouth – things like TMD, sleep apnea, and sleep bruxism – and that your dentist may be able to help with if they are aware of those symptoms. It’s also an opportunity to learn how to proactively maintain your dental health, reinforce your commitment to the best oral hygiene techniques, and develop a treatment plan to address any issues that arose during the examination.

Key Points About Dental Checkups

  • You should attend a dental checkup in NE Calgary, AB twice a year, in addition to having your teeth cleaned annually.
  • Some dental symptoms require more urgent attention. If you’ve experienced a broken tooth or have unexplained toothaches, extreme and continuous bleeding, a swollen mouth or jaw, or a metallic taste in your mouth, contact an emergency dentist.
  • At dental checkups near you, tell your dentist about any facial pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, breathing problems while sleeping, and headaches.

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