FAQs of Root Canal Therapy 

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faqs of root canal therapy

If your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, a lot of things may be going through your mind. That’s perfectly normal because, for a lot of us, we aren’t entirely sure what this treatment entails.

So, before undergoing any type of dental work, it’s always a good idea to do some research and book a consultation with your dentist in NE Calgary.


What is a root canal?

In the center of your tooth is a sack that’s called the pulp. This is where connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels all gather, supplying nutrients to your tooth to keep it healthy. When the pulp is infected or damaged, this causes you to feel immense oral pain.

The primary purpose of a root canal is to save your tooth by extracting the pulp. This technique is very effective because an adult tooth can indeed survive without it.

Is it painful?

A lot of people shy away from receiving a root canal because they think it’s painful, but this isn’t the case.

Your dentist will provide you with local anesthesia. This will alleviate any pain and keep you comfortable during your appointment. Don’t hesitate to let your dentist know if you require further care.

What does the process involve?

Receiving root canal therapy near you requires at least two separate visits.

During the first appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth and take a series of x-rays of the internal structure of your teeth and gums. Each of these steps allows them to develop a holistic picture of your oral health and the degree of care that you need. Next, you’ll be given anesthesia.

A dental drill will be employed to reach your damaged pulp. Once it’s all been extracted, the surgical site will be thoroughly cleaned. It will also be sealed shut with a rubbery substance, as this ensures that no more bacteria can harm it. Finally, you’ll receive a temporary dental crown.

Once your permanent crown has been fabricated at the dental lab, you’ll come back to have it placed. This small, specially made cap provides protection and helps strengthen not just your tooth, but your entire smile. Your dentist will make sure your bite is normal before letting you go.

Can a root canal repair any tooth?

Yes, it can. Although, the type of treatment that your dentists recommend is highly dependent on your oral hygiene and the problem that you’re facing. For example, if your tooth is chipped or cracked, you may want to consider receiving dental veneers or dental bonding from a dentist near you instead of a root canal.

Is a root canal better than a tooth extraction?

Again, it depends on your oral health situation. Typically, tooth extraction is performed when root canal therapy isn’t effective.

What should I expect after receiving a root canal?

It’s completely normal for you to experience some sensitivity and soreness following your procedure. Your face may feel swollen or inflamed as well. Your dentist will most likely prescribe Advil or Tylenol to help you manage these symptoms, and they should go away in a couple of days.

If they don’t, be sure to speak with your dentist.

Is any special care needed after a root canal?

For the first few days, stick to eating soft foods like soup, yogurt, and milkshakes. Crunchy and hot foods can hurt your tooth and irritate your gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the surgical site. Finally, always be sure to follow whatever instructions your dentist provides.

What will happen if I don’t get a root canal?

Oral infections can spread to other areas in your mouth as well as the rest of your body. If left untreated for an extended period, a root canal may not even be effective, and your tooth may need to be pulled. An abscess and chronic tooth and jaw pain, especially when chewing and swallowing, can also occur.

Are you interested in root canal therapy in NE Calgary? At Temple Dental Wellness, we’re here to walk with you on your dental journey. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. They’ll explain the procedure from beginning to end so you don’t encounter any surprises along the way. Call, visit our website, or come in to get started today!